Lens Guide

Welcome to Trio Eyecare’s guide to understanding different types of lenses. Whether you are seeking relief from digital eye strain, sharper vision outdoors, or solutions for specific vision conditions, choosing the right lenses can make a significant difference in your overall comfort and eye health. In this overview we will explore 5 types of lenses: Blue Blocking, Polarized, Astigmatism, Progressive, and Transitions.


Blue Blocking Lenses

These are lenses designed to block or filter out blue light, which is emitted from digital screens and can disrupt sleep patterns and cause eyestrain. Blue blocking lenses help reduce exposure to harmful blue light, promoting better sleep quality and eye comfort.

Polarized Lenses

These are lenses that are specifically designed to reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as snow, roads, or water. They contain a special filter that blocks horizontal light waves, which allows only vertical light waves to pass through. This enhances visibility and reduces glare, making them ideal for outdoor activities.

Astigmatism Lenses

Astigmatism Lenses, also known as Toric lenses, are specifically prescribed for those with astigmatism, a common refractive error where the lens of the eye or cornea has an irregular shape. These lenses have different strengths across the lens to correct the distorted vision, providing clearer vision and less blurriness.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses, also known as multifocal lenses, are made to correct presbyopia, a condition that typically occurs with age and leads to difficulty focusing on close objects. Progressive lenses have a seamless transition between near, intermediate and distance vision areas, providing a more natural and gradual correction of vision at various distances.

Transition Lenses

These lenses automatically adjust their tint in response to changing light conditions. When exposed to UV light, the lenses darken to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays and glare, providing protection outdoors and vision correction. When indoors or at night, the lenses return to their clear state, offering comfort and convenience in various lighting environments.

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